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King Kong Toys, La toya Jaxson, King Kong Toy Story 2 King Kong, the latest in the King Kong toy line, is a great addition to the King of the Kong toy catalog.

King of The Kong toy lines, a company that started in 1991, have a strong pedigree and an incredible catalog that is filled with fun and exciting toys for kids.

But they’re also a little pricey for a toy line that features characters from the movies, such as Kong, Kong Jr., King Kong and King Kong: Skull Island. 

King Kong toys can be found in a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, black, yellow and white. 

They are designed to appeal to both children and adults, as well as to people of all ages.

The line features toys from over 25 different franchises, including Godzilla, Godzilla II, Godzilla III, King of Kong, King Of The Monsters, King Tut, King Cobra, King K.O. and many more.

The toys are available in a wide range of colors including black, red, white, green and blue, and even include a little white space. 

This Kong toy is a pretty popular choice among children. 

Here are a few other great King Kong figures to look for at the Toys for Your Soul store: King Kong in his iconic yellow suit, in the “King Kong” toy line.

Kong in his yellow suit. 

Lets have a closer look at King Kong. 

The new Kong figure is the King of the Jungle, a character that was introduced in the second installment of the King Of Kong franchise. 

There are two different versions of this King Kong figure.

One has a yellow suit with white skin, and the other has a black suit with red skin. 

KONG, the second Kung-fu film. 

Another new Kong figure is the King Kong-Sung-Wai. 

You can see more of these new King Kong figures in the new King of Toy King video below:King Kong Kong figures are available for purchase in the Toys For Your Soul retail store.

If you’re looking to spend a few bucks on one of these King Kong figurines, there’s no better place to do it than Toys For Our Soul’s Best of King Kong store, which is located at 1 E. 4th Street. 

We’re also looking forward to seeing more King Kong dolls.