How to make the perfect bubblegum candy cake

When the idea of a bubblegums bubblegummy popsicles hit you at a candy store, you probably thought of something like these.

But these are soooooo much more.

You can get these with a whole bunch of different flavors, each one with its own unique taste.

The sweet and salty one is a treat for those who like to keep a sweet tooth.

The strawberry and caramel are for those that love a little tartness.

And the chocolate and vanilla are great for those of us who are craving chocolate and want more.

But this is no ordinary bubblegummies popsicles.

These are not just a cute little gift, they’re also a unique gift for the person you’re trying to impress. 

The bubblegummys candy cake is made with chocolate chip cookie dough, but if you’re not in a mood for cookie dough and just want a little crunch, there’s an optional caramel icing that’s perfect for your holiday candy needs.

And if you want something a little different, there are several different types of bubblegUMPS.

So you’ll definitely want to give these a try. 

You can make the cake by cutting the cookie dough into strips, or you can use your favorite cookie dough cutter, which you can buy at most grocery stores. 

If you’re going to make this as a gift for someone, you’ll want to make sure they don’t want to share their secret.

Just don’t tell them you’re making a cake.