How to make a doll house for your toddler

What if you wanted to make your toddler something you would want to share with the whole world?

We think it would be a great idea.

We decided to tackle the same problem posed by this adorable little toy.

Here are our five tips for making a dollhouse for your child.1.

Create a base of wood or brick to build the dollhouse out of2.

Use PVC pipe to support the doll from the floor3.

Make sure the base has an adequate amount of height so that the doll can stand upright without falling off of the shelf4.

Add an interior floor and walls to support your child’s weight5.

Make a window or two for your doll to explore.6.

Add a little room for your kids to explore their favourite toys and playthings7.

Make it look like a real dollhouse8.

Set the doll house in the middle of the house to create the illusion that you’re actually there inside.9.

Create some cute little decorations to keep the house in character10.

Take your time to put together a doll House, and make sure it’s fun for your little one!