How to Get Kids to Talk About Your Favorite Toys

New York City-based Pocket Toys is taking its popular BabyBoom toys to a new level with a new series of ads for their newest product, the Infant Toys.

The ads feature adorable baby characters, and the toys themselves are also cute.

“This time, it’s BabyBombo and we wanted to see what the response would be,” said Pocket Toys CEO Brian Loeffler.

“We’re going to be showing them to parents in different ways.”

The campaign features BabyBoms sitting in a chair on a desk.

The BabyBombs look cute in the ads, and it’s all thanks to the cute little toys.

The products have been a hit among parents and retailers alike.

“It’s definitely something you can really get excited about, it is adorable, it has personality, and we have kids who really like it,” Loeefler said.

The company is aiming to roll out the ads nationwide on September 28, and they have a full line of the products to date.

The campaign is also hitting schools across the country.

The company is also making a stop in Philadelphia on September 27.

You can watch the full video of the campaign below.