Barkbox toys to be phased out by 2018

The Fidget Toy Company is coming to an end.

The company announced this morning that it has decided to discontinue all its toys and accessories in 2018, including the fidget toy and fidget game sets.

According to the company, “The Fidget Toys and Fidget Games have failed to deliver our promise of fun and functionality.

Our products are no longer affordable and we have to make a tough decision to stop making toys.

We appreciate your support.” 

According to the blog post, the Fidget toy company has been selling toy sets and fad toys since 2015, and the company’s products have been a part of the toy and toy game communities since its inception.

In 2017, the company announced it was adding new toys, including a fidget watch. 

The company says that its products have achieved some success with their original intent, but that they were also created with the intention to sell them. 

“Fidget toys have always been about creating fun.

They are about being able to keep busy with our fidget toys.

However, the products we have created over the past decade have never been about toys for kids to use. 

Today, we have made the decision to discontinuing all Fidget toys and Fidgets in 2018.

The fidget fad is here to stay and we are going to make it a reality,” the company wrote. 

Fidget Toys was founded in 2014 and since then has created some of the most popular toys on the market, including Fidget Tots, Fidget Snacks, Fidtits and Fiddly Towers.

The companies latest product is the Fidtit toy, which is a toy that you can play with and is made from a plastic base that you wrap around the fatter of your finger and hold in place. 

In 2018, the toy company said it would discontinue its Fidgettoys brand after just three years, but they have already launched their own line of toys. 

It’s worth noting that Fitter Toys is the only fidget-based toy company on the Google Play Store and Amazon. 

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