How to make your own mini-tank for the ride on toy

It’s the latest trend for young people, but one that can be really handy for older ones.

In this article we’ll show you how to make a miniature truck for the fun of it.

First off, a little background.

Miniature tank treads are tiny, lightweight rubber wheels, which allow for easy storage and transportation in vehicles.

But in the case of a small-sized vehicle, you might be wondering how to get a tank tread onto a large vehicle like a car or even a bike.

You can buy a large size tank tread from an automotive supply store, but it will only fit into a very small area.

It’s also easy to break, so it’s best to use a tool to secure the tread onto the vehicle.

To do this, use a rubber band or something similar to hold the tread in place while you work.

When you’re done, remove the tread from the vehicle and place it on a surface.

If you’ve already used a tread to attach a small vehicle to a larger vehicle, it’s a good idea to do the same with the larger vehicle.

Once you’ve secured the tread to the vehicle, attach a second small tread to each side of the tank tread.

The tread should sit flush with the vehicle’s frame.

You should then be able to use your thumb to push the treads into the tread.

You’ll see the tread start to pop out of the tread, allowing you to pull it out.

Now you’re ready to ride your mini-truck around town.

To make the tread fit into the tank you’ll need to cut a piece of plastic from the tread (which you can buy from an auto parts store).

Then cut a small hole in the middle of the piece of cardboard and place the piece inside the vehicle so it can sit flush inside the tread hole.

Place a piece underneath the tread so that the tire will be flush with your vehicle’s body.

After the tread is attached to the tank, attach the other end of the plastic to the side of your vehicle and secure with the rubber band.

It should feel very secure and sturdy.

When it’s time to put the toy in your vehicle, just pop the top of the vehicle on the tire.

You could also use a pair of pliers to hold it in place, but that can cause the tread of the toy to roll off the tread piece.

So don’t worry about this part.

Now for the part that makes the mini-vehicle truly fun.

Attach a battery pack to the bottom of the small tank tread, but do not attach it to the tread itself.

Instead, place the battery pack on top of it and push it down into the small tread.

Place the battery on top and then secure with a rubber bands.

Now attach a battery charger to the end of each of the tiny treads to charge the battery.

You may also need to attach the batteries to the top and bottom of your tank tread to charge them.

To attach the battery charger, attach it with a thin, plastic strip.

Now secure the two batteries with rubber bands and place them in the tank.

To charge the batteries, attach them to the battery packs and secure them by placing the battery in the battery holder.

Once the batteries are fully charged, remove them from the tanks.

Now it’s your turn to put your mini vehicle into action.

Start by attaching the tires to the front of the mini vehicle.

Then attach the front wheels to the tire treads.

Then install the batteries and the tires on the back of the miniature vehicle.

It will take a while for the miniature vehicles to charge up, so be patient.

If everything works out, you should be able get the miniature toy out of its tank and into your car’s battery compartment.

Then you can drive the toy around town, making sure to avoid any obstacles.