PEPPAK PAIGE: What you need to know about the new Peppa Pig film

The new Peppas movie, Peppa and the Black Hole, is a remake of the 1991 Disney cartoon film starring Pee-wee Herman and the titular character.

In the film, Peppys brother, Bubbles, travels through time and space to stop a super villain named Black Hole from stealing a black hole that would allow the Peppa family to escape the clutches of evil.

The Peppa Poms, along with their friends and family, must work together to defeat Black Hole.

The movie grossed over $1 billion at the global box office and is widely considered one of the best-reviewed Disney animated films of all time.

The Peppa film was directed by James Cameron and is set to open in November 2019. 

The film stars Chris Pratt as Peppa, and Rosario Dawson as Bubbles.

It also stars James Earl Jones, Emma Stone, Chris Pine, and a host of other stars.

The film was originally scheduled to open on March 3, 2019, but was delayed to July 2. 

Disney has also released a short trailer featuring the new PEPPEPAS PIGE.

The trailer features a PEPPLE PAIGA PIG, a PEE-WEE HEMI (Pee-Wee’s pet pig), and a PEDIAC PIG that appears to be PEPPA PAIGEA. 

It is set in 2019, and features a young Bubbles with his mother, Peeta, who is on the run from Black Hole who plans to destroy the Peeps family. 

Bubbles is a young boy who has an unusual way of talking.

Bubbles has a love for animals and he has always had a crush on Peppa.

In a fit of rage, Peppy saves him from Black Hell by smashing the black hole in which Bubbles and his family live.

Bubs life has changed forever and he now has a companion that he loves. 

In the sequel to the Peppets first adventure, Peepers parents and friends return to their home to save the Peepets and their family from the evil Black Hole (which is voiced by John Turturro). 

PEPPAPER PIG: What’s New in Peppa’s Movie?

article PEPPeppa, a character from the popular Peppa cartoon, has been released as a toy from Disney Toy and Entertainment.

It is available at Disney’s online store for $14.99. 

If you have been looking for Peppa in a fun, interactive toy, then this new PPEPAPP is for you.