Barbie toys: Who is your Barbie and why?

By 2020, Barbie toys will be available in nearly all the countries where the doll has been available.

The company plans to launch the first-ever mass-market Barbie line, which will be sold in the US and UK.

It’s expected to be available for around $30,000.

In the UK, the company plans the first ever mass-sale Barbie line to begin on 25 September 2020.

The first batch of 50 Barbie dolls will be shipped to shops by the end of November 2020, and will be offered at retail outlets and in online shops, with prices starting at £49.99 per doll.

It will be priced at £69.99, or $95.99 in the United States, $129.99 or $170.99 worldwide.

There will be a new range of accessories, including a Barbie-themed set of “fancy” glasses and a “lucky charm” which will add a touch of glamour to your Barbie doll.

Barbie also plans to expand the line in Europe, with a new line of accessories for women and a Barbie doll with a “girlie” face.

The range will include a “slinky” toy, a doll with pink hair and a doll in a pink dress.

There’s also a “fairy” doll that will be in the same range as the fairy-themed dolls, and “pixie” dolls, with pink and red hair.

There will also be a “cute” doll and a pink “pony” doll.

The range will be on sale in the UK for $49.95 and in the U.S. for $79.95.

The U.K. will be the first market to launch Barbie dolls with a pink face, and the first country to have Barbie with a red face.

Barbies will be made by Mattel, which owns the Barbie brand and the popular toy.

The dolls are designed and built by Mattels head of toy design, Adam Weintraub, and designed by Mattes chief toy designer, Scott Mather.

The new line is expected to cost about $120,000, and is planned to launch in Europe by Christmas 2020.

The company has not said how many dolls it plans to sell in the first year.

Barbie dolls are sold in more than 70 countries around the world, and were originally created in the 1960s by toy manufacturer Mattel.