Why are there no Bubblegum Dogs?

A new toy line based on the popular BBC TV show has gone live in the UK.

The Bubblegums line includes the Bubblegummys, Bubblegummy Baby, and Bubbles, a doll that has an adorable smile.

The line is made up of four different toys, including a pink Bubbles doll and two blue Bubbles dolls.

The dolls are sold for $20.

Toys that have the same name are also sold.

There is a video available on YouTube showing a few of the dolls and the dolls are clearly named.

Toys can be bought online or on Amazon.

The Bubblegumpers line has been around since 2014.

The series was created by British children’s TV show presenter John Cleese and was filmed in 2017.

Cleese, who also hosts the show, created the series in order to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

The BBC show is currently on hiatus.